About us

The ERBG System Machine Designing, Product and Selling Limited Liability Company, deals basically with design and production of transporting systems and unique special equipments. The engineers of the company have experience of many years/ decades in these areas of profession. The systems designed by them , have been functioning since many years in Hungary and also in many other points of Europe.

3drajz.jpgThe company makes a special care to mount commercial components exclusively from worldwide known high quality suppliers, which can satisfy the needs of our customers. We have built tight cooperation with these suppliers in order to guarantee the rapid service and replacement of any components for long period of time. 

An important part or our business policy is to offer our partners turnkey solutions. With the help of our many cooperating partners we can offer perfect service including not only the machine engineering, but also the design and realization of the electric systems, the electric mounting on the spot, the control and direction, or even the construction of the building including the designing and administrative procedures.
We produce equipments suiting perfectly to the place of use and the customer's wishes. The design of the materials, the surface treatment and the driving can be chosen and changed in this respect.

In our activity the use of the modern 2D, 3D, CAD CAM and finite-element computer applications are parts of the everyday practice. With the help of these we can handle the problems in a very versatile way, make very exact drawings, and produce acceptable price offer within several days even for big projects.

We hope that this short introduction called up your interest. Should your company need any of our equipment, or have interest to invest into some special machinery please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have confidence in our successful cooperation in the near future.


Sincerely the ERGB System2drajz.jpg

Elek Horvath,

dipl. Eng. of Macinery and Electricity

Richard Horvath

dipl. Eng of Machinery and Food Technology

Balint Horvath

dipl. Eng.of Machinery

Gergely Horvath

Construction engineer