Straight Roller Bands

The straight roller bands can be of free running and driven make. Their loadability and dimensions (roller distances and length and diameter) are defined by the customer. The conveyed material can be simple envelope, small pack, but even tonne weight bulk, too. The rollers are basically cadmium plated. In case of the driven system the driving can operate with chain, flat or circular belt. Upon requirement the system is delivered with explosion safe engines (e.g. roller bands of painting lines).

Curved roller tracks

We produce roller bands with angle of curvature defined by the customer (till 180 degrees). As in case of the straight tracks, we produce the curved roller lines with various loadability.

Directing and ordering roller tracks

Among our products there are specially inclined roller tracks, too, which can lead the goods to one side of the band, enabling the operator to reach them easily. We offer the construction of ball-tables used for parcel handling systems, too. One can move and sort small packs, but in case of heavy duty make also tonne weight palettes.

Turnable Roller Tracks

Our turnable roller tracks are made according to the requirements of the customer. They can exhibit various loadability an moving systems. They can be used for movement and turning of light materials and heavy bulks, as well. Upon make the turnable tracks are constructed with manual and machine operation, the rollers can be free running and curved, too. In case of the parcel sorting systems rapid change of the direction can be needed. The machine operated systems can perform as much as 30 turns per minute.

Special Roller Tracks

The roller tracks belonging to this group can fulfil some special task in addition to the conveying. We produce roller track which can be bent up, the bent part of it can be driven or free running. Their application is advantageous, when the traffic path can be considerably abbreviated using them. We produce roller tracks with special roller arrangement, as well, which directs the consignments or parcels in a given position.
An other special roller-band is the hidraulic lift-table which can be elevate in the desired hight. 
Should you have any special idea or requirement, don't hesitate to turn to us.