Standard conveyor belts

Conveyor belt produced for individual needs, roller supported or sliding belt.



Telescopic conveyor belts

Our telescopic conveyor belts have sliding character, with possible reverting the direction. It is not necessary to stop movement even during the extension or compression of the telescope. They are very advantageous in safety loading or de-loading long containers, trucks and lorries. The height of the conveyor belt can be lifted by hand operation or by hydraulic system. The dimensions are designed according to the requirements of the customer.

Sliding belt conveyor systems

We produce sliding belt conveyor systems with very various belts, geometric arrangements and driving. It is possible to produce conveyor belts of any width and length in accordance with the requirements of our customers. The track can be linear, curved, elevating or sinking and broken-line. As a further possibility, we can equip the conveyor belts with special loading units according to the need of the customer. The sliding plate of the sliding conveyor belt system can be made of antistatic material which is absolutely important in dusty surroundings. The speed of the belt can be controlled by mechanic systems (varriators) or without steps (frequency controller).

Modular plastic belt conveyor systems

An important part of the activity of ERBG System LLC is the design and production of modular plastic belt conveyor systems. We have a cooperation agreement with the Dutch INTRALOX company for the Central- and East- European region. Upon your kind request we can give information concerning the applications of these systems. With the help of the modular plastic belt driving the most various sorting and transport procedures can be realized.
They are frequently used in different sorting conveyor belts and moving pavements. In cooperation with our partners we can construct the total electric driving and control, too.

Scale belt

We produce scale belts in different size, equiped with different belts and drives. These belts can be roller supported or sliding belt as the customer needs. 


Special conveyor belts

Our scaling belts are made with various dimensions, belts and drives. According to the requirements of our customers we produce rolling or sliding belt scale conveyor, and regarding the drive it can be of string motor drive and also drum-motor. We have a cooperation agreement with Mettler Toledo Ltd, but upon request we mount scales of other companies in our system, too.