The products of ERBG System cover a broad range of the machines of the light material convey. Upon special contracts we produce speciality equipments and unique machines. The most frequently delivered products are as follow:

• Broad variety of driven and gravitational roller bands ( driven by chain, tangentional plate belt, circular belt or ribbed belt)
• Curved roller bands till 180 degrees
• Conveyor belts with make and belt type referring to the actual application and construction situation
• Telescopic conveyor belts facilitating the loading and de-loading transport vehicles
• Curved conveyor belts till 180 degrees
• Speciality conveyor belts e.g. for the food industry (stainless skeleton, belt turning back on an edge, et c.), or mobile belts constructed of alumina profiles
• Moving pavements, assembling conveyors for the car industry
• Modular plastic conveyor belts for various purposes. ERBG System has a cooperation contract with the Interlox company of Nederland the biggest producer of MPB of the world. On demand we happily give you information concerning the possible applications.
• Broad variety of sorting elements for various tasks ( releasing in cross direction, with elevated belts, hydraulic turntable, pneumatic releasing unit, periodically driven MPB unit
• Helical conveyors for keeping the technological time periods in certain technologies
• Design and realization of dynamic through-flow store systems
• Telescopic dropping tubes for decreasing the dusting
• Unique machines, steel constructions, platforms, stands, et c.

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